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Ceiling-Mounted Plasma Air Purifier

Time:2022-03-23 16:04

Category:Company News


  This air purifier uses low-temperature plasma technology to produce ionic active single oxygen to achieve rapid disinfection, deodorization, and decomposition of toxic and harmful volatile organic compounds. The product belongs to the special equipment for active dynamic air disinfection and cleaning, which disinfects and cleans the indoor air environment within the effective range. Suitable for hospitals, homes and various public places.

  Product advantages

  Active broad-spectrum disinfection, disinfecting both air and subject surface

  No consumables used, air is the raw material

  99.9% high-purity disinfection factor, coexistence of human and machine9

  Efficient disinfection, faster than UV

  No secondary pollution, disinfection factors reduced to oxygen and water molecules

  Design life of core parts than 60,000 hours

  Disinfection effect

  Killing rate of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2>99.9%

  Killing rate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa>99.9%

  Killing rate of influenza A virus H1N1>99.9%

  Killing rate of staphylococcus>99.9%

  Killing rate of natural bacteria in the air>90%

  Killing rate of object surface staphylococcus>99.9%

  Killing rate of Escherichia coli>99.9%

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